The founders of the company have been at the top of technological advancement and have known the value of quality European machinery since the time they set up the factory. Devom India has been at the forefront of technology in this sector. Our expertise in handling various fabric construction directly comes from our strong infrastructure of german and Italian machinery.


We want to make our customers experience better, more relevant products and therefore innovation is integral to our existence. We are continually improving our machines, creating new shades and blends, which will excite and inspire our customers and their customers. We also credit our internal efficiencies and proven processes to in-depth research and solutions that were tried in every environment before implementation.


Devom India has a complete German and Italian machinery plant. the machines are from the top machine manufactures in the world. Some of the models are even very rarely found in India. staubli, dornier, bonas are a few to name from. The Technological advancement and the choice of machinery has given devom India a strong edge over its competitors

Support Initiative

Power Plants
We have our own solar power plants to ensure lesser harm to nature while keeping our supply uninterrupted.

We have separate storage facilities for raw material, which is a natural the material requires careful handling.